4 in 1 Bath Accessories Set

Price:     $24.99
Sale:     $9.99

About the Product
  • ✅ LAUNCH CELEBRATION: Buy 2 and get 5% OFF. 100% 30 day money back guarantee. No risk at all. Please give us and you will be satisfied.
  • ✅ REMOVABLE & PORTABLE DISPENSER BOXES: Each daily box can be removed and carried in a pocket or purse.

Product Description

  • PREPARE FOR 4 TIMES IN A DAY : Each daily box has four compartments that are labeled Morn, Noon, Eve and Bed. Each one is labeled in Braille too.
  • ✅PERFECT FOR TRAVEL : There is a total of 28 compartments. Easy to put inside bag. Prepare your dozes for whole 1 week and travel to your dream places with confidence.
  • ✅LARGE BUTTON BOX WITH CLEAR LETTERS: Easy to read MORN NOON EVE BED On the boxes. Each boxes open and close easily.